Sacred Heart Girls’ College Stage 1 & 2


CLIENT: Mission College Trust Board

PROJECT TYPE: Reconfiguration, New Construction

PROJECT DURATION: September 2019 – January 2020


This project was carried out in two stages. Stage 1 involved demolition of existing classrooms, refurbishment of corridors, construction of 4 classrooms, breakout area, and bathrooms and window alterations. Stage 2 consisted of demolition of existing classrooms and laboratory blocks, refurbishment of windows and doors, construction of new art rooms and laboratory, science prep rooms and general classrooms. This work was carried out in a number of areas concurrently but also allowed for the school to remain fully operational to meet educational requirements. SHGC Principal explained our work, “Trying to construct and refurbish classrooms during the school year was a significant challenge. SCNPL were accommodating in helping minimise the impact on the daily operation of the school, constantly keeping in communication to ensure the construction had as little impact on the school as possible.”